It is remembrance day, here, in the UK. This morning, as I was listening to discussions about Trump and the protectionist ideas of the French Prime Minister candidate lady, I was wondering what it is that divides us so proudly these days; what it is that blinds us so much that we just cannot see that the only way forward – eventually, anyway – is oneness or togetherness or hand-in-hand-ness or whatever you want to call it.

Well, I think, the element we badly lack – in order to become brothers in arms – is COMPASSION. Why? I think, it is hard to feel compassionate about another person when you have no compassion for yourself. (self pit and self compassion are not the same things!) I know quite a bit about that. It is hard to consider the other person’s needs when you feel let down, wronged, helpless, etc. in your own life. And it often feels that it is somebody else’s fault, somehow.

Though, you see, the truth is that it – whatever you may feel – is nobody’s fault. So, it is nobody’s responsibility to fix it, either. It is nobody’s job to punish the bad guys (whom you consider bad) and praise the good ones. You do not need an almighty leader to fix it all for you. You may, however, need a leader to inspire you. And, I am afraid that leader is you. I think it is also called taking responsibility.

By making others the bad guys and blaming all you misfortunes on others is a sign of weakness, not strength. Wanting to create something good for yourself does not mean that you need to harm another for it.

I believe now that, having compassion for your own weaknesses makes you feel compassionate towards others’ weaknesses. That is the land where we could all meet and start afresh… one day. Hopefully.

What saddens me most today is that as we are remembering all those lost in various wars harmed or killed by fellow human beings under the disguise of ‘me right and you wrong’ we are also preparing for more wars to come …

Remembrance day