A carer’s tale
Please read my stories with an open mind and heart. I write these stories as entertainment and to record my stories as a carer not to blame or offend anyone.

This morning we are looking for vests. It has turned cold, like really cold, and Mr.J. is looking for his vest. I do not know where his vest are because I am the cover carer, his regular carer is on a two-week break. During handover Ms.H., the regular carer, told me that she was rather bored with explaining everything to every new (old) cover carer so she created a basic sheet describing Mr.J’s daily routine. It is all good except that I have no way of knowing where things are, what he likes to eat, where he likes to go … etc. The family though kindly involved and take Mr.J. out quite a bit during the week, they are not involved in Mr.J.’s everyday existence so there is no point in asking them where the vests are. Texting the regular carer seems pointless, so far she has not responded to any of my previous texts either.

We are looking. Suddenly, I had a thought that vest must be with other undergarments. Supposedly. So they were! They were buried in pile of socks not having been worn for a while but here they were!

The care plan has not been updated since 2012. Since then not only the condition of Mr.J. has changed but some circumstances as well such as he now has power of attorney which is not mentioned in the care plan at all.…

A carer’s horror