All these accusation of abuse … well, my question is to those who claimed to be sexually harassed/abused: why was it you, why not somebody else? Where you the only female/gay/bisexual to choose from?

I know … I am sorry … I should have more compassion.

I can’t help, however, think how come there are so many cases of abuse suddenly surfacing some of them from the mid 90’s. No, I do not want the bastards to get away with it. I just wish to see more clearly and make sense to it all. Why would you suddenly claim to be sexually approached by a drunken A-lister? Why do you hope to gain? Why did you just blackmail the bloke for the past 20 years? Or did I just hit the nail on the head? He did not budge, did he?

Oh, I am so sorry. Once again, I do wish the truth to come out but I also wonder how much truth can come out of an incident that happened 20 some years ago.

The other guy, the monster sex addict producer; how come no one has so far brought light on his tendencies that seemed to follow him wherever he went including the UK. Once again, my question is: Why you? What is it about you that makes you vulnerable to volchers?

I wonder what is behind this sudden appearance of numerous sexual harassment cases. We just realized that there ape people out there who try and have sex with people who do not really want to have sex with them.

In my observation, we live in a world where young people have casual sex with strangers after a Saturday nights out just as if it was sharing a burger. In many cases they even share their conquers on social media. Many young people stop at nothing to get a moment of fame waltzing naked if they need to or have casual sex with someone hoping to get the break they need to get famous.

So, how come have we all of a sudden become so morally superior and condemning?
Sure, investigate the cases, let’s get the truth out but shouldn’t we be careful with the drama that the media creates around these incidents? Where the focus is energy moves!

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