What is really sad about what is happening regarding these harassment allegations is that most of them happened in the 80’s or 90’s, quite some time ago. Why bringing up the past in this manner? We were all very different from the way we were 30 years ago. We have, hopefully, evolved a bit further. What we thought was right or wrong was also very very different from what we consider acceptable today. How can you judge a deed that happened 30 some years ago under the rules of our more modern societies? In the 80’s we smoked packs of cigarettes a day. It was considered cool or even elegant. Today, smokers are considered smelly low-lives who do not have the will to quit.

How can you judge an act from so far away? Looking back at history we could find millions of examples of ‘misdeeds’ that today we would consider morally unacceptable, however, at the time they were considered ‘normal’ behaviour. I am quite sure that we can easily find many man who raped, harassed, abused women and even children during the past hundreds of thousand of years in human history or in the past decade. Are we going to bring them all up now or we just focus on the famous faces of the past three decades in order to make the news?

It is not that I think that abuse, harassment and the likes are OK or acceptable, but neither do I think it is just to judge so hastily on past events that has been covered with so much dust by now that nobody can truly tell what really happened there and then. Plus, I remember the 80’s, drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. Don’t you?

As a result of all this, however, yes, please, do teach your sons and daughters to have some manners and to respect each other. Please, do tell them that the other person is a human being too and if they want to get closer to them, first, they need to ask them for their permission. Please start the moral judging at your own homes. Please, do not let scary auntie Berta squeeze little Jean when she does not want it just because Auntie Berta means well. Do not teach them right or wrong from your own point of views but allow your children to stay in touch with their feelings and dispositions so they can honestly decide for themselves if they want to participate in an action or not. Teach your daughters and sons to get what they seemingly want in life by working for it rather than offering their physical advantages as a bargaining chip.

Why don’t you?

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