Please read my stories with an open mind and heart. I write these stories as entertainment and to record my stories as a carer not to blame or offend anyone.

Mr.J. is completely obsessed with the garden bin. Since one of his last enjoyable passions is gardening filling up the garden bin is a project. Then when it is filled up the worry is about when the next collection comes and if we have pulled the extremely heavy bin to the gate on time. During these couple of days Mr.J. asked me at least 200 times when the collections was going to be because he wanted to pull the bin to the gate. He cannot and is not allowed to pull the heavy bin anywhere, so I have to make sure that I am quick and strong enough to do it. The very morning when collections came, as soon as he woke, he rushed out in his PJ’s, in the cold and rain and pulled the emptied bin to the back garden. Nobody could stop him.

Even though he is an Alzheimer patient, he has his own will and choices. I can make suggestions otherwise but he cannot be forced to follow them. He is rather headstrong so the carer must hold her course to face him during some of the arguments he generates.

As I mentioned before, he is obsessed with some of his objects and constantly worries that we run out of them. Last night, I checked and he once again misplaced his razors. Today, I will try to locate them so he will not freak out when he cannot find them. The other item he often worries about is his glasses. Naturally, he has two pairs. One is in the carer’s care because he used to have the tendency to hide them so well that nobody could find them for a while.
Occasionally, when he gets nervous about his glasses he starts asking for the other pair. The carer must kindly explain the explainable why he cannot obtain the other pair and ensure him that the extra pair is in good hands with the carer. Quite a job!

Later he says that he took the bin in (n his PJ’s early in the morning) is because he feared that someone might take it. Completely understandable. He was so happy that the bin was now empty that he spent all afternoon in the garden filling it up again!

Later, I went upstairs to find his razors so when he asks for them I would know where they are. I found them buried under piles of documents on the bottom of a shelf in his study.

I conclude that it is a mad job!

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