Please read my stories with an open mind and heart. I write these stories as entertainment and to record my stories as a carer not to blame or offend anyone.

My schedule was already pretty hectic. Being one of the floaters mean that I go from one client to another covering the regular carer while she/he is on his/her off. It is either for one or two weeks. This time, maybe because of the holiday season and most carer would like to have some time off during the holidays, my schedule turned out to be a nomadic caravan spree.

To top that, soon after I arrived back to the UK, I learned that I wasn’t any longer going to one client for two weeks so to lessen my times of travelling which was originally 4 in a matter of 5 weeks, but to another client in a completely different area.

This happened because one of the carers who scheduled to return to work decided not to return with some alibi and because the company does not employ ‘fill-ins’ or emergency covers or just simply the amount of people who could handle emergency situations.

So, here we are with a begging manager who does not want to let the customer or her employer and me really not wanting to do more. What would you do?
Now I know that the right answer is NO! but I am learning the hard way, so I said, YES SURE, I WILL DO IT! What my yes entailed, I learnt later, was a 7.30am start because my manager had promised the carer that the cover would arrive early, travelling for hours, dragging her suitcase around. Luckily, I could take a taxi that parts of the journey. The company only pays for part of the journey because I spent beyond the limit they offer for journeying.

The previous night I sent a mail to the family of my customer to ask them to shop for me. From their response I learnt that most of the family is on holiday and they are not able to help me this time. With the customer living in a remote area, I am forced to eat whatever is left in the fridge and what the village café shop can offer – mostly canned food.

Originally, the company requests the customers to supply the carers with 40 pounds worth of food of their choice or give them the money so they can shop for themselves. This particular customer does not seem to understand the above. There is a fortnightly shopping on Fridays where carers shop for the customer and the incoming carers. The only issue is that nobody bothers to ask what the incoming carer needs.


Confusion beyond confusion