Please read my stories with an open mind and heart. I write these stories as entertainment and to record my stories as a carer not to blame or offend anyone.

Today, we are looking for winter coats. In the meantime, he is patronizing me for not understanding what kind of coat we are looking for – probably one that has not been in this household for a decade.
Then he called me on his wife’s name. Then he told me darling with an attitude that conveyed no kindness at all. Then and started touching me on my arm in a manner that showed no respect. I treat animals with more kindness.
I stepped away in shock.
I looked at him and told him who I was. I told him my name.
He looked gobsmacked. He did not get my name. He turned away and went downstairs.
Honestly, I do not know if he got upset because he thought that I was mocking him or he just got embarrassed because he did really not know who I am was.

Living with Dementia