It was rather shocking for me to realize that the company does not do individual risk assessment. I have not seen once a note in the care plan that referred to an assessment of “the main factors that can lead to violent or aggressive behaviour and create a risk. Individual risk assessments where individuals pose a risk of violence and aggression. If the person is receiving care, the assessment should be completed and regularly reviewed as part of the care planning process.” (source here)

Neither have I seen a supervisor advising me on a client who showed both physically and verbally abusive traits of behaviour. In my understanding, thought the company was made aware of the issue, chooses not to do anything about it and leave it to the carers to deal with the clients’ aggression alone. It is unacceptable.

Having looked through numerous care plans, I noticed that there is not a word on individual assessment that should be done not only in case of possible violence towards the carers but with every client. The live-in carer should have a clear understanding of the personality and idiosyncrasies of the client in order to enter an assignment safely, knowing what special circumstances she/he may need to face. These kind of information should not be passed on in the manner of word of mouth.

On a professional note