This morning as I was contemplating on the recently requested working-hour form, I realized how absurd it was. The situation is that we are asked to write down what we do exactly daily and how much time we spend doing them.

First of all, completing a task takes people varied time frames. For a younger or a quicker person it will probably take less time to complete the same task as it is for an elderly or a slower person. Secondly, I am not aware of any regulations requesting employers to check how much time employees spend doing their jobs and noting how much time they spend fulfilling each task their job involves. Thirdly, to my understanding, one is paid for the time one spends at work/on duty attending to tasks requested. I understand that there are some jobs that requires one achieving certain targets that may affect one’s income, however, caring is not one of them. Caring is a job where the carer’s main aim is to support his/her clients’ general well-being to the carer’s best abilities.

I wonder what is behind this counting-the-minutes request. As far as I understand from gossips, care companies are under scrutiny and to prove that their employees do not effectively work more than 8 hrs a day during a 13-hour shift. The concept itself is ridiculous.

Since I am on duty 22 hrs a day, I consider that my working hours. I am not paid for the night shift, I do that out of the kindness of my heart. I understand that the company’s position is that I only stay the night because I have nowhere else to go, so I am not to be paid since I am the one in need of accommodation for the night. I am paid the minimum wages – 5.65 GBP – for a 13-hr shift out of which I am to actually work only the legally permitted 8 hours a day.

Additionally, most carers work between 3 and 6 weeks without a single day off.

So, after much contemplation, I wrote to the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion in
Brussels to see what they have to say about counting the minutes.


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Counting the minutes