A carer’s tale

Please read my stories with an open mind and heart. I write these stories as entertainment and to record my stories as a carer not to blame or offend anyone.

I received a call from my supervisor (I work with elderly Alzheimer patients as a carer). She called me because I had asked if I could buy my own food for the next assignment which is in the middle of nowhere without a shop instead of the family shopping for me. The family is OK with that, I learnt, but, by the way, they ‘complained’ that when I am on the assignments with them the washing liquid seems to disappear. Wow! It thought. I told my supervisor that I use my own washing liquid that I carry with me to every assignment so it is either a misunderstanding or there must be something else that is out of order here. My supervisor asked me to check with the family when I arrive what this misunderstanding could be about.

Later in the afternoon I decided to send a mail to the daughter of the client who made the ‘claim’ to check with her because she is not even in the house so it must have been the other carer who had suggested that the washing liquid disappears during my working there. I could not find the email address so wrote to my supervisor to send it to me. I felt that I’d preferred knowing what was wrong before I took on the assignment.

My supervisor called me back shortly. During our very interesting conversation I was ‘very kindly’ told how inappropriate it is for me to email the client’s family; she mentioned that I was a bully who makes a giant issue of nothing, I had not been accused of stealing silver, and if the family did not want me to take on the assignment with them, they would have made a formal complaint. Plus, I was very rude to the other carer last time telling her off for being late returning to the assignment. So, I should not be surprised if probably this is the way she gets back at me.

WOW! A lot to take on.

For the next couple of days I was wondering what the difference was between stealing washing liquid and the family silver? Well, after two days of contemplations I still believe that there isn’t a damn thing! Stealing is stealing! I am accused of stealing or misplacing (use your own version of the word) ‘something’. I still strongly believe that it is NOT OK brushing issues like that under the carpet by smiling and saying it is such a small issue.

I also learnt that one of the carers were accused of misconduct after the death of a client. The carer called the ambulance three times and called the care company before the client was taken to hospital where she died a few days later. The family requested an investigation into the appropriateness of the carer’s behaviour.

I am now convinced that this company cares NONE for its employees. No manager or supervisor stands up for you but the company takes half of your salary for ‘managing’ your work. Most of us are abused on many different levels –
verbal, emotional, physical (overworked) – whereas the management’s main tactic is a kind smile and ‘brushing it all under the carpet’.

Like I said before, only those with zero self-respect can do this job. I must be a blood idiot. It must end. End soon.


Stealing is stealing, right?